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This is a movie I watch frequently on YouTube. I think YouTube has some good and bad points to it (Ecclesiastes 7:16) … but it can definitely be used by God to educate some people. I rented this movie because I needed a reminder that God is real and that He loves me. This movie is inspired and based off of the love of Hosea and Gomer. In the Bible in Hosea 1:2 the Lord tells His prophet (Hosea) to marry a prostitute. Yes… I said it . A prostitute…

My Testimony

I myself was a prostitute … I have endured a lot of pain in my life because of my choices and the abuse of others. My testimony is that when I was in my sin God told me “I have a Hosea for you.” Now I am no longer in prostitution because of this is the verse God gave me to quit…

Hosea 3:3 New Living Translation (NLT)

Then I said to her, “You must live in my house for many days and stop your prostitution. During this time, you will not have sexual relations with anyone, not even with me.[a]

Why is this movie so important ?

Because it gives me hope… And it should for you to.. How can a man (a prophet) have this love for Gomer… A prostitute who left her marriage for another man. But God told His prophet to go find his wife (Hosea 3 The Message Bible).

Look At This Preview of The Movie

The Written Revelation …

Obviously, God told me that this (Gomer) is how he sees me. Like a unfaithful woman yet He still loves me . And God has purposed me and commanded me to put away my prostitution and serve Him.. The true and Living God.

Now some may read this and be like… well? Are you going to cheat on your husband when you’re married? My answer is no... I already cheated on God when I went to prostitution and I was already like Gomer when I was a prostitute. But now I have to accept that my husband may have to deal with backlash from his friends, from his family, and people may try to lie and say “she just wants you for money”.. No I don’t. Because I had money .. a lot of it and I lost it all in the wilderness. I don’t want his fame because people get on my nerves sometimes and I like to chill.. And I don’t want my future husbands so called empire.. I want real love with the base of God as our foundation.

Moral of the story

Always pray for discernment when you are looking for a spouse. Always pray that God confirms your marriage with His beautiful word. And pray for a healthy God ordained marriage.


Dear Lord Heavenly Father, I call you Yahweh. I pray that you raise up a Davidic anointing for marriages. I pray that your people don’t get married for money or the love of money… but to be like Ruth. I pray for a Ruth Season. That you restore the real true meaning of marriage, fearing God, and the real true meaning of purpose. That we don’t base our marriages on being a celebrity but we honor God. I pray that we are humble according to Proverbs 12:9.. I pray that we worship doors open. I pray that we love You God. Amen. ❤

May we love you Lord. May you send our Hosea.

Love Mixed With Faith,

Precious-Diamond Chessier ❤

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Proverbs 14:28

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