A woman feeling like she can’t find a good man. 

A woman feeling like she can’t find a good man. 

So don’t be too good or too wise! Why destroy yourself? – Ecclesiastes 7:16

God Works Everything Out For The Good

Recently, I met this very beautiful male police officer. He was gorgeous to be honest and he looked very clean and neat in his role as a police officer. He had very nice teeth and was very kind and understanding and then he went on his way. I did not say anything to him about what I was thinking, but I really began to rethink everything I believed in. As you all know, I didn’t really like police officers because of what I saw growing up. But then God reminded me that I almost became a military police officer and I have been involved with military men in the past. 

Being a marine veteran, I can say that I am a very strong woman. I have survived the toughest battles and the strongest storms. I remember one time, I even walked through tornado winds and it was God that kept me through that. Yet honestly, I pray I never have to go through that again with some things I just do not need multiple tests in.. lol. 

What I am about to say is not from an obsession but an observation. While looking at him and how in shape he was and his beautiful and amazing physical stature, I realized that it is extremely difficult to find a good man. Many men try to talk to me daily, but I am never interested in them because they do not meet my criteria. I want a man that has a job and a good career, stability can provide a stable home and place to live. I want a man that is educated and intelligent. I want a man that is strong either military styled or police officer styled. I want a man with a good job. I do not want a man that I feel like I am emotionally stronger or physically stronger than. I want a strong man.

I Do Not Relate To These Other Women  

I do not understand these other women and how they try everything to take away a man’s masculinity. I have a lot of issues with feminine men and I constantly have to correct them and put them in their place. That is one major reason I could not stand the marines, they are the world’s strongest group of feminine men who like to argue with women. There is no way I would ever let a sissy man defeat me. That would never happen. Anyways, I do not understand why these women want soft men who get their nails done, wear man purses and side bags, and soft men who paint their nails. I cannot stand when a man crosses his legs. I hate it because it’s soft and shows weakness. I hate that when a man talks with a light voice, and cries , and I can not stand an emotionally weak and sensitive man. 

I look at this generation of men and I can say that it is honestly embarrassing. But what is even worse is the women who are lawmakers who make laws to try and destroy men because they do not share the same opinion as them which is insanity, thankfully God blocks them and stops them from doing what they want. 

Do not give your strength to women, your ways to those who destroy kings. – Proverbs 31:3 

As a woman God made me to have a husband. Yet, in the midst of separation and headed toward divorce I am very concerned about who my next husband will be because trust me I have options. Yet God tells me, “fear has no future here”. I do not want a man that is a musician and records all day on tik tok and social media. I do not want a man that is trying to become the next DJ or party promoter. I want a grown man with a grown man mentality. I am thinking that maybe my next husband is a police officer ( I am not saying it’s the police officer I met, I am talking in general). I do not think I could do another military man but maybe my next husband is in the military. Like I said I have options. As I am rediscovering myself.. I realized that I did not fit in because I wanted a real strong man. I wanted a man that other women wanted to destroy. I wanted a man that was strong, could provide, and could take care of me as a woman. I am so sick of seeing soft and emotional men online. I am sick of seeing grown men dressing immaturely and watching anime like a child. A grown man watching anime and cartoons and having anime cups and magazines which shows weakness and again softness. I am tired of immaturity, the softness, and weakness in this generation of men. 

Moving Forward 

I am not going to lie.. Years ago before I even met my husband God told me this day would come.  I did not understand why God would rip certain relationships away from me but now I see why. What I have learned over the years is that when you are dealing with a soft man (especially in the church) they can do some very evil things to you because they themselves are cowards and they are weak. I knew that God was calling me at a young age to be a wife to a strong man and I allowed people in the church to detour me from that and I regret it. Now here I am about to 30 questioning everything that I believe in about marriage. God knew this day would come and he did warn me and I had to learn the hard way. God understood me before I understood myself as a woman ; the way a real father should. Yes, in the past I had to fistfight men to protect myself and I always won. I have been jumped and always won. I have been caught in the middle of gang shootouts in Chicago, Illinois. I have been kicked out of summer camp in south side Chicago for fighting. I have almost been arrested multiple times for fighting . All of that has made me tough as I am. Now going through that and being with a weak man is like living a nightmare. So.. if you are a woman reading this, trust me you are not alone and feeling like you need a supernatural move of God to have a husband because all the men are soft , weak, and gay. If you are a man reading this do not let anyone make you feel bad for being a strong man. 

Sincerely Susanna, 

P.S. I have legally changed my name to Susanna. 

Exposing The Truth About Plan B (DO NOT TAKE PLAN B PILL)

Exposing The Truth About Plan B


After praying God told me to say something. Recently I watched a video of Forbes about how the government is stealing mayan babies who are being kidnapped and human trafficked by the Federal Government. What was even more sickening is that in the video people from the Federal Government were laughing at her share about how children are being delivered to pedophiles who are sponsors and America is serving as the middleman for sexual molestation of pedophiles. Understand that the people who were laughing in the video are a part of it and there is a pedophile right now in the federal government. As someone who was kidnapped , raped, and tortured by people who worked in the Federal Government (Department Of Homeland Security, Pentagon, Department of Education, & Chicago Police Department) this is real and very serious. If you are in South America DO NOT MIGRATE to America it is evil you are safer there !


Yet, for years I have been preaching against Plan B because it is evil and I said I regret it… but as I was praying the Holy Spirit revealed to me something after watching a demonic commercial for a new abortion pill named “Julie”. In order for a pregnancy to be terminated the baby has to be removed out of the body… In order for a baby to be declared dead it has to be declared dead after giving birth (but this is not all babies your baby will live and not die and my children live and not die)… Now if women (I took it as well and I regret it so deeply) have taken it then where is the baby? In order for the pregnancy to be ended the baby has to be fully removed but if it did not come out through urine or other means… then the baby has to be incubating in the womb still.

Currently, I am suffering a side effect that is in Plan B and everyday it is hard to deal with it.. But when I did this it was 2016 and in 2023 I am dealing with this. This is very serious and I am trying to warn people to get ready  because there are some things that are going to cause people to question everything that they believe in. We need God more than ever. Is the pill embalming the baby and putting a capsule on the sac of the baby? People of God, only God can move in this situation. Because it is sick that the federal government came up with this and we need to stand against this evilness. Only God knows what to do next. All I am saying is that God told me to study the story of Lazurus and God said the Lazarus Effect will be the outcome from this evil Plan B that the Federal Government loosed on women. 

Copyrighted By, 

Apostle Susanna Manasseh 

What To Do When Someone Does Not Love You

What To Do When Someone Does Not Love You

He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” – Revelation 21:4 

Truth Be Told

When I was younger I went through some things. I dated men that I really did not like and I was not attracted to because I was trying to satisfy everyone else’s opinion of the type of woman that I should be or the type of man that I should date. Well that did not turn out well. 

  • One – I am very private, and I had to realize that when people were trying to get me to open up, it was because they wanted some type of leverage to use against me when I was down. 
  • Two – There were certain things that bothered me in regard to the type of man that I wanted. I wanted a very strong man and I liked rough men. I could not find that in the church because the men were weird and I could not deal with that. 
  • Three – God told me I had to stay in the church and he would send the right man that was good for me. 

If You Do Not Have Love Then You Do Not Have Anything 

I am 27, and in three years I will be 30. I now realize how important love is. As a woman I really do love the essence of love and it is something that I need because that is how God wired me. I love candles , the peace and serenity that comes with love, and I LOVE flowers. God really made me feminine. Moral of the story do not let society or the church strip away your identity as a woman. If you desire a man then God will give you a man because that is how God made you. 

Love Susanna ❤ 

God told me to delete my social media

God told me to delete my social media. So on here you will see my own personal tweets, my personal insta pictures , and my own personal Facebook post. So there you have it folks below is some picturessss of me pregnant and you will have some moment of messages because some post will be just me tweeting. Muah !

This me pregnant I was a thickums I want another baby so bad ! I keep praying and praying ! But this made me really regret my decision with my first baby daddy. Me and him don’t really talk but everyday I wish I made a different choice. He’s some semi-tik tok famous guitar player that all these females want but I decided to just let that go because well.. he wants something else besides me. I think most women have to know when to let things go you can’t make a man be attracted to you or want you.. you just have to let it go and move on. But if anything I would tell a young woman do not abort your baby because a man does not love you and he does not want you, that decision was the worst mistake of my life because even if he did not want or love me I know my baby did and that is very hard to deal with. It’s not easy seeing little light curly head boys running around because I know that is what my baby would have looked like. Young women learn from my mistakes.. if a man does not love you that is NOT a reason to abort your baby.. keep your baby. Everyday I think about how old my baby would have been. Even now I deal with the grief by myself. There are some stages you go through like sometimes you just want to talk to the father because it still hurts out of grief but don’t do that, I did that it only makes it worse. I think the psychology of reconnecting with the father after a abortion is that you want to feel,see, and hear that person because it’s the closet you will get to your actual baby. But again don’t do it because when they reject you it’s even more painful . Just take it to God !

This is me when I served in the Marines around 2017 .. I can’t believe I enlisted in the marines almost 10 years ago. Lol I am so glad to not be in because I hated it lol ! They were racist ! Lol

This me before the baby … Lord losing weight after a baby is warfare ! I have gotten so thick I don’t know what to do ! God help me ! I think was Fall 2020

This is a selfie around 2021 … I was a new mommy and battling depression. My baby was born premature and I almost had to drop out of college because she was so sick ! I was paying all her bills by myself with a baby who had a hole in her throat ! I was very depressed but God is faithful.

Looking at this photo makes me have mommy grief lol I wish I was this skinny again . I was a XS now…. I can’t even say Lol but this was the worst job of my life lol.. no the marines was the worst this HAD to be second ! Lol

I Got Government Secrets For Sale For Russia For Protection From The FBI & The CIA & The United States Military & The Federal Government

I Got Government Secrets For Sale For Russia 

They lynched my people for years now God has blessed me with information 

Since The Government Want To Play With Me Imma Play With You…. Cause You Don’t Know Who You Dealing With 

You want to take my financial aid away and try me.. And steal over 200,000 bet heem ? Alright let’s play a game of secrets. My turn. 

Fiscal Department United States Marine Corps 2015 

So… There was a time when I was in the Marines I worked for the fiscal department and boy did I find some things off. During this time I was responsible for monitoring the safe on base which hold millions of dollars. So what the fiscal marines do is mess up the accounting so there is money unaccounted for. Then they send Marines overseas to make drops and deals with Islamic Terrorist. When this happens Marines go unaccounted for and stuff money in their book bags. They get into an unaccounted civilian truck and then they go through the jungle to make a drop and make a payment.. 

But guess who? You guessed right.. To terrorists . Terrorists such as Isis and Al Qaeda. They pay Marines off to be quiet. So they do this because the American Federal Government is paying off terrorists with money and with equipment so they can take over Israel because certain military groups are training them to view Christian’s in Israel as terrorist groups. They plan to spread misinformation in the news to american people that christian’s are terrorist so that they can let Isis conquer Israel… but on the spiritual side God won’t allow it. So when I started asking questions about the money because I found an error in the accounting system of fiscal, they kicked me out and turned the entire office against me. But God had favor on me. God allowed people from the Navy to step in and help me as I dealt with the corruption of the marines. 

The marines tried to throw me in the brig for denying an order to get my chest permanently removed that would have changed my gender from female to male and I would not do it to get promoted and a Navy Corpsmen help to stop and told me to hurry and get out of the marines and don’t look back and said I was making a good decision to leave. 

You Got Me Messed Up 

So what they do is get into an unaccounted random civilian car. They go by the way of the jungle in places such as Africa. They make a drop and then they disappear. It’s off the record , money unaccounted for and then they slip some money to the Marines on MSG and stationed overseas to make it seem like they are paying for COLA and oversea’s hotel and expenses to make the money vanish. 

So now they are slandering you in the news trying to make the American people turn on you but this is why. Ukraine , Germany, Sweden, and America were planning and preparing for a war that was not announced before 2014. They did not have enough bodies for war so they made women train for infantry. You frustrated their plan and that is why they are working with the international court to try to have President Putin arrested. They were preparing to conquer Israel and start another Hitler movement through concentration camps by softening the minds on people through the media. 

They also are paying off pastors in megachurches to preach against you and to tell them what to say so that people are tricked and deceived into thinking that you are the enemy. I just want you to know that America does not show on the news people driving around saying that they hate Joseph Biden. They’re alot of people who hate Joseph Biden and Barack Obama but the media is trying to make it seem like everyone is preparing for war and that is NOT true. So much that Youtube even bans certain videos from russia so that russia cannot see how much everyone hates Joseph Biden. Now…. I have more information. But I need protection from the FBI and the CIA and from the Federal Government and police officers. Now I have a way you can contact me and I will tell you what you need to know. 


Apostle Glory Manasseh 

Psalm 122:6 ESV

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!

Releasing & Exposing The Truth About How People In The Federal Government Tried To Rape & Kill Me & Worked As Spies In The Church

Hello Everyone, 

After much prayer the Lord told me it is time to release this and expose the principalities of darkness that I have been dealing with the past 7 years. For 27 years I have been dealing with someone who has kidnapped me , raped me, molested me, stalked me, and tortured me and they all work for the Federal Government. In this I am releasing and exposing briefly what has happened and what has occurred because one they go to different churches and I do not want the bloodshed of them hurting another child in my conscience. Two, people need to know who they are to avoid their child from being sexually assaulted due to them pretending to always try to gain trust and access to someone else’s child. Three, I am going to reveal the churches that they are connected to so that children that are innocent are not sexually abused by them like how they did to me and the leader of the church that they attend. 

  • My childhood was very abnormal. I recently found out that the woman who raped and molested me and pretended to be my mother actually kidnapped me and we are not biologically related. She allowed someone to rape me as a infant baby. She has molested me and raped me mutiple times throughout my childhood. She put a gun to my head and said that if (she previously worked at the Pentagon (The Department of Defense) that if I told anyone that she would kill me. Not only that her son (who is not my brother) has raped me multiple times as well and has tried to stab me to death (he currently serves in the Marines because he stalked me with her trying to kill me so that I would not tell what they did to me). When I was a teenager she made me walk around in Washington D.C. holding my hand and kissing me on the lips openly saying that people think we are together and that was a lie. I was never sexually attracted to her and never desired her in anyone but in her mind she believed that I did and I did not. Not only that her son would steal my laptop and watch child pornography (which is a federal crime) and she would call the police and try to frame me so that I would be arrested for a crime that he committed and that I did not do. During this her pedophile husband would record me and try to have evidence that I was committing a crime when I was not.
  •  Throughout this time , there were certain schools that would ask questions because I did not look like her biological child and she did not have any record of my birth … and when they started to ask questions she would hurry up and move me to a different state, cut off my hair, make me wear boy clothes, tell the next school that I was a liar and thief to make it seems as if I was lying and I was not. Not only that she would molest me and make me wear her clothes to school during this time and a man’s shoes after he molested . There was even a time that he stuck his tongue in my ear as a child at the airport in front of everyone and tried to lie and say that it was only a kiss but it was something that I did not want. Now of course I fought them all and I won. But because of this she called the Prince William County Police on me and tried to have me locked into a mental institution until I was 18 years old to make it seem like I was crazy so that no one knows what she has done. Now throughout my childhood she always constantly said that people did not believe that I was her daughter and they were right. I was very intelligent when I was younger and on the Prince William County educational channel for scoring very high on an academic test for gifted and intelligent children. So what she would do after that moment is that she would beat and rape me the night before and make me go to school. Not only that, she would not allow me to do homework so that I was forced to drop out of the gifted CISL program for advanced children.Now even in this my math teacher Mrs. Allen said that she did not want that to happen and she did not understand why they were doing it and that they were wrong. So to cover it up she made her son that raped me stalk me and attend the school I was accepted in to cover it up and make me look like I was failure. But you know a psychopath just does not know when to quit. So I enlisted into the Marines to escape (I did not want to, I wanted to go to the Coast Guard) and she stalked me and had people call me while I was in MCT training (her husband is a Marine Veteran Retired) so they tried to use their connections to try and lie and say that I had a phone during training ( I did not ) so that I would be kicked out of the Marines for something that I did not do. But it gets crazier. She started to call around to different churches looking for me (because I was an ordained minister at that point because I led ministry in bootcamp) she stole my ordination letter and stalked me and called the church leader that I was going to in Jacksonville , North Carolina and tried to make it seems like she cared but she was trying to prevent her pedophilic secret from getting out. So… when I was in middle school she opened fake bank accounts in my name at Navy Federal Credit Union but when I became a adult she tried to steal money from the Federal Government (The Department of Education) and wire it to that bank account to frame me and make it seem like I stole money and I did not. Because she committed bank fraud and somehow stole money from the Federal Government and tried to make it seem like her friend Yolonda stole money from her and stole her identity to frame her as well. Now Yolanda let her daughter Kennedy come from the summer after Tiffany said so and she saw some of the most evil things happen. Tiffany’s son Christian chased Kennedy around the house with a butcher knife and tried to stab and kill her and I had to step in and save and protect her. Everyday she cried and wanted to go back home to Chicago and she went home early. Now in this there were people who tried to help and say that she was crazy but she used her money and connections to play the victim and make it seem like I was the problem and not them. 
  • Now what Tiffany and Anthony did (is because he retired he has access to all Marine Corps Bases) is that they would stalk me and come to my job and come to my barracks and send me harassing emails to work. One email I even had to show my SGT Denise Williams and she could not believe what she sent to me. She gave me permission to go to the hospital that day because I was sick and no one in the office wanted to let me go. Now when I was extremely sick in the Marines , Denise secretly took care of me and let me stay with her but I had to cut her off because what I was dealing with I did not want to affect her because these people are truly insane.  
  • Also, Tiffany stole my passport , my government mail, and my mail from the Marines and opened bills in my name to try and frame to cover up the illegal activities she engages in by stealing money from the federal government. 
  • So during this time of stalking , I was dating someone that I loved and thought I could trust certain people from the church when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, well… somehow someway she found out who he was and I had to totally cut off communication with her for 7 years because she was obsessed with finding him and trying to frame and stalk him as well because again she has connections with the federal government. 
  • So after I got out of the Marines , I had my own apartment. She sent her family to pretend to care for me and I spoke to them. Somehow someway she kept getting my address, opened a FAKE bank account with Navy Federal Credit Union, Stole my iphone from AT&T , and stole my information messed my credit ALL THE WAY UP so that she could wire money to that bank account to frame and make me seem like I stole money from the department of education and have me put into federal prison for a crime I did NOT commit. So I had to disappear for 7 years and go totally off the grid and make it seem like I was homeless and poor so that that the Federal Government had no trace of me owning my own apartment or home and lie and say that I stole money from the Federal Government (The Department of Education) and lie and say that I used that money to get a apartment on my own. 
  • Now during that time ALOT of people were trying me but I had to remember the end goal was to not go to jail for a crime I did not commit. But people started to catch on that I had money because they started asking me to borrow some money and they kept saying I have a lot of money so I was like dang… I’m caught..
  • So… what she did was started contacting people who followed me online and followers of my ministry and pretended to be my mother and pretend to be concerned about me. Now this is when I realized that everyone is fake lol. So she got in contact with people I grew up with and made it seem like I was crazy and that I was a liar and that she was concerned about me.. Crazy as crap. So ofcourse them being fake took her side why? Because she works for the Federal Government. So God led me to safety but I was with people who were crazy. I started to open up a little but then I realized that people are just crazy. Like some were even jealous that I shared my story of being raped and tortured and now they are walking around going to church saying they have been raped and the government is looking for them for attention. People are truly crazy. 
  • Now in this there were people who prayed for me and covered me in prayer… for example Pastor Luscious Fullwood of Bellevue Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois and some church mother’s there. They literally might be the ONLY church that has not done something evil and cruel to me. When I was temp. Living with someone who was very cruel to me they prayed for me that God would give me the strength to go through what I was dealing with. 
  • Now I understand the pastor did ask why I did not call the police. I will tell you why… she is a former police officer for the Chicago Police Department and she uses her connections to frame me and call the police on me. But there is only one person she could not get to turn on me and that is what drives her crazy that she can’t make him turn on me. It was so crazy that one of our mutual friends’ father knew her and tried to say that he was supposed to be my husband. Yeah, that was a lie, I would never… but I played the game so God could deliver me. Now in this I have gone through some betrayal’s but God has carried me through. Now what I will say is that her and her husband have spoken about kidnapping other children because no one would know about it just them and.. She is trying to get a job to teach other children in other countries (China) and she constantly travels outside of the United States . 
  • Now… the last time I saw her I was going to kill her. In my mind .. I’m like you looking for me well female dog , here I am so what were you saying? When I saw she was scared and walking around the house jumping because I was waiting until the perfect moment to kill her but God told me that if I killed her to soon that no one would know who she is and how evil she really is. 
  • But let’s get into her husband Anthony Brisueno who locks himself in the bedroom with dogs and sexually abuses them to the point that they come out the room running and screaming and hiding because what he did to them while he was locked in the room. Let’s expose how the dogs used to run to my room to hide under my bed and closet because he was assaulting them and not only is he a pedophile but he rapes dogs as well and he is a retired police officer of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and he was under investigation for sexual assault and harrasment of the Pentagon for sexually harassing a woman at work because he was a chief there. 
  • Also, she has a nephew that kissed me when we’re younger I did NOT kiss him and did that to me and she has another nephew who pinned me down when I was five and raped me when I was five and he was almost 18 when it happened. The entire family is messed up and screwed up in the head . They are all like that . Which is why I believe that her only son is born of incest because he has mental issues and he does not look like who she claims.. He looks like one of her brothers. I believe that her first child was born from incest and it died and she kidnapped me to cover up what she did. 


But let’s talk about the churches she attends and goes back to flaunting her money to get access to the children’s ministry so her and her husband can sexually abuse more children. 

  • Now the first church is a Church of God In Christ church, south side Chicago . I believe the church recently changed its name that is why I cannot find it. 
  • Tabernacle Church of God In Christ under Bishop Ocie Booker, Chicago, Illinois. Her mother is a church mother there Sandra Landrum Thomas and she is as evil and crazy as they come. The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church, Chicago , Illinois. She dated Apostle Henton’s son John Henton, he has a prior drug problem. He used to come visit when we lived in Dumfries, Virginia. They were considering getting married. He would sleep on the black couch downstairs in the basement and she started holding bible studies in the house because of it. She would tell me about their sex life when I was in elementary school and she would beat me for walking past him and claiming that I was trying to get his attention because men said I was pretty. Now I went back to this church a few years ago because I wanted to see him and confront him. His brother Apostle Mark A. Henton laid hands on me and prayed my mind through deliverance in 2019. So I do not think his brother Mark is like John because how could he have the power to do that? God does not work in confusion. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • New Life Anointed Ministries, Dale City, Virginia – Bishop Eugene Reeves. Now I could care less about this family; they mean nothing to me. I sang on the praise and worship team . Now she claims that he ordained her as a minister and one of his pastor’s married her son to his first ex-wife Naya. Now I told Naya not to marry Christian, but Christian is a rapist so I have no sympathy for her. But I will say that I saw Christian rape other children at a daycare and I tried to warn them and tell them what he did no one would listen. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • The Way Of Truth Baptist Church, Chicago , Illinois – The reason I have to do this is because there are people who knew me as children Ondra and Linda Hogan. They know how Christan is and I have to stop them from letting Christian get involved into that ministry because he will molest and rape a child because he has done it so many times before. Also, Adrienne Calahan Hogan had sex in front of me when I was a little girl as a child and she let a grown man show, put a condom on infront of me while I was watching cartoons in her room. Be glad I didn’t beat the piss out you female dog when I saw you because I have not forgotten about my childhood you ugly fat troll. Adrienne sat there and watched Christian assault in the bed while we were laying there and she beat me for it and not him.  – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • The Free & Independent Apostolic Church Jacksonville , North Carolina . Now this crazy witch messaged Apostle Keith Curry on facebook and pretended to be a mother to me and lied and told him that she cares about me and he announced that on the microphone in the middle of the church service. Whew Lord help me. But Christian went and visited that church so I was told and I am going to say something so that he does not hurt a child there since people want to play stupid. I have to say something because he is under Prophet Todd Hall and I have to STOP her from using her job and money to gain influence inside of a church and hurting another child. So anywhere that I went that she has tried to gain a foothold I am going to say something. You do not know what you are dealing with and who you are dealing with .  I have seen them go on base , look at children, and say that if they kidnap and kill a child no one knows because they are the only two people that know about it… INFRONT me. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • Friendly Church Of God In Christ Oceanside , California.. One this church is an entire mess like somebody literally tried to get me  linked up with a sugar daddy there and she works in leadership at the church but whatever. Anyways she knows these people here too. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago Illinois under Apostle Matthew Stevenson.. Now this one is PURE and UTTER craziness. Now Tiffany has found a way to connect Pam Ross and Linda Cobb at this church. She joined and hugged Pam Ross in front of me because you have to do an introduction class and of course she immediately said how she works for the federal government and she has her masters from Liberty University and she is a minister. Now with Linda Cobb she does the money trick (because I was in foundations and provided food for them and at first Linda Cobb would email saying how much she loved me and she viewed me as her daughter… oh but did she show her true colors) Tiffany decides to raise money for Linda Cobb (which she did not even give her all the money she raised she stole their money) and she presents her a gift. Now I told Linda Cobb how Tiffany Brisueno and Anthony Brisueno were and she kicked me out of the church (All Nations Worship Assembly ) and told me not to return back to her bible study because I was a prophet. Whew chilleee the black church is an entire mess. Now this is even crazier. In Tiffany’s mind she really believes that Matthew Stevenson wants her and she is UGLY and fat as I don’t know what … Her entire body is covered with rashes from a disease and she believes that Anthony is jealous of Matthew Stevenson because Matthew Stevenson wants her… an ENTIRE mess! That is how serious delusion is… but yet this is Linda Cobb kicked me out of All Nations for. But I have to say something because she is trying to work her way into leadership at that church through the recommendation of Linda Cobb and Pam Ross. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • Now I will say that everyone at All Nations is NOT like Linda Cobb and Pam Ross.. actually there were two women there that took me through deliverance. Also Linda Cobb said that a 5 year old boy likes her at that church and thinks that she is cute. One was a woman on the phone she corrected me about somethings and it helped me get through some things and she told me that I look like someone… which that caused me to investigate and find out that I am not even related to Tiffany. That woman helped me. I did not like her correction but it did help. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 
  • Now the second woman was at All Nations worship assembly atlanta. She prayed over me and took me through deliverance. Now she is accurate. She prophesied the birth of my daughter and even told me the girl I was with would betray me in my ear in front of her… crazy as this is… that girl was working with Tiffany to try to get me arrested for something I did not do … now if she had not told me that I would be in a jail cell for a crime I did not even commit. So everyone at All Nations is not bad but there is A LOT of bad people there at All Nations. – The reason I am writing this is because she is trying to get into a church to become a youth pastor don’t let her do it. She is trying to gain access to children to hide what she does in secret by telling people her education and how much money she makes working for the federal government. Now if I warn you and you don’t believe or receive the blood is on your hands not mine. 

That’s alot right? Well I have not even told five percent of who she is and what she does. Now this is NOT for attention but these leaders do not realize who she is.. One she works for the FEDERAL government and she will lie and frame. She is a lunatic and monster.. It’s their bloodline. The truth needs to be revealed below are the pictures of where she works and who she is. 

I should add that one of the reasons she tried to kill me is because she had a meeting and said infront of me that she knew that The President Barack Obama was going to be the president before they even announced him running for office (they planned it at the pentagon) and they knew who the anti-christ was they were preparing the way for the mark of he beast which is the number 666 through the presidency of barack obama and joe biden. Now female dog I will kill you and you know this so you want to send people to arrest me and stalk me ? Smut I have something for you. Because I already told you I am going to kill you and not to say anything about my daughter stupid smut . I will kill you over my child and I will laugh when I do it. This woman is one of the people that is involved in enforcing the anti-christ agenda and the mark of the beast which is the number 666 (John 10:10).

Revelation 13:16-18New Living Translation

16 He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. 17 And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. 18 Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] His number is 666.[b]