The Jesus Letter – Daily Devotion

Matthew 5:8 ESV

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Real Life Real Jesus

Modern day social media (if used in the wrong context) can be really harmful and toxic to godly womanhood. As a married woman it can be hard due to fear of your husband desiring the latest Instagram model. To the single woman it can be hard because of the struggle of comparison. It may be difficult dressing modest and godly while receiving only 25 or so likes on Facebook or Instagram. Meanwhile the wayward women may gather hundreds or thousands for being seductive… But what does the Bible say?

Proverbs 5:1-7 New Living Translation

Avoid Immoral Women

5 My son, pay attention to my wisdom;

    listen carefully to my wise counsel. 2 Then you will show discernment,

    and your lips will express what you’ve learned. 3 For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,

    and her mouth is smoother than oil. 4 But in the end she is as bitter as poison,

    as dangerous as a double-edged sword. 5 Her feet go down to death;

    her steps lead straight to the grave. 6 For she cares nothing about the path to life.

    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.


You see my friend… everything that glitters isn’t gold. What good is it for you to gain the world and lose your soul? If you use social media for the glory of God and to spread the message of Jesus Christ than that is awesome. However, if you don’t then you need to repent and turn from your wicked ways (Matthew 4:17). Start blocking and deleting those women you compare yourself to. Block and delete those Instagram models and ask God to present godly women into your life that can mentor you into becoming a Titus 2 woman!


Father in the name of Jesus, help me to live and dress boldly for you like the Apostles in Acts chapter 5. Remind me daily that the Word of God says in Matthew 10:33, “But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.”  Lord never let me deny or betray you. In Jesus Name, I pray. Thank God, Amen.

Diamond Sandre’a Chessier

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Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a ordained prophetess and certified motivational speaker. She is the author of The Holy Bible : The Jesus Is LORD Translation which debuted as the #1 New release on Amazon. She is also a author of best selling books on Amazon. Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who honorably served her country, but left to pursue the will of God. She loves Jesus and is moving forward in her life "to do the work of a evangelist." Proverbs 9:10 The Voice (VOICE) 10 Reverence for the Eternal, the one True God, is the beginning of wisdom; true knowledge of the Holy One is the start of understanding. For Booking and Contact:

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