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Devotion: A Beautiful Promise

I was scrolling and looking online the other day and I found this beautiful photo of Sarah, Abraham’s first wife.

I looked at this photo and instantly fell in love, because of the promise of God. This photo shows how faithful God is. That even when we disqualify ourselves God is still faithful.

2 Timothy 2:13 English Standard Version (ESV)

13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful—

for he cannot deny himself.

There are somethings that I am believing God for at this moment. Some things that others have betrayed me over, hurt me over, laughed at me over, and yet I still I have faith in God.

Today, what are you believing God for? Is it love, a new job, a house, a husband, or a spouse (understand that I do not stand for homosexuality so do not pervert what I am saying). What God has for you is for you. Take today to get in the presence of God and stop worrying. Stop worrying about your clothes, food, and whatever else is bothering you. Trust God.

Testimony: When I was in the wilderness, there was a time that I was homeless. I was staying at a shelter. During this time God began to open doors for me to preach and lead services. God told me not to wait for perfect conditions to do what He has called me to do. I was homeless and preached. Frustrated and preached. Depressed and preached.

During this time I was and am still a young woman and I had my struggles. Wanting someone to share my pain and heart with (basically looking for love in the wrong places) and I got hurt. Also, it seemed liked if I even talked to a man or male counterpart people would be angry and say I was in bondage (even though I am allowed to desire husband.. but ok). I felt so angry and frustrated. But during this time God began to deal with me, while others were gossiping, God began to show me His beautiful promises. That I wasn’t going to be in a shelter for long. That I was going to begin in ministry. That He was (AND HE DID) move me out of California so I could start over with my life. God did what He said He was going to do. There were times when I did laugh when God told me His promise, and to be honest there are some things now that just might get a laugh (I am not going to lie to you but be truthful). But the point is when God says it, no matter if you try to bring a Hagar in the situation, it is and will be so! God-s Decree!

So if you are believing God for job, a child, a son, healing, a husband, or a spouse, or education….. God is going to do it! Trust Him !!!

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Love Mixed With Faith <3,


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