God loved Gomer….

God Gave Me The Revelation That He Loved Gomer

Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways.
Proverbs 20:30 GNT

I left God to go back to stripping and prostition …. I started dating drug dealers … and I stopped going to church. And I know for a fact that I feel like Gomer .

What Do You Do …

What do you do when you used to have the pretty clothes and good career and you left God… what do you do when people are watching you destroyed and no one wants you… wants to help you and make fun of you… what do you do when the one you said you hated (God) is who you need the most… what do you do when… when you’ve gone so low in bondage that you hit rock bottom and now you cant hide it anymore… people can see that your worthless …. you wait for the day… that God redeems you. I love Hosea .. because I am Gomer.

I look at this picture and I see myself. Completely and utterly destroyed…. and I wonder how can a man love someone that much ? How is it possible .. after all that Gomer has done and he took her as is.

Before I lost everything I used to pride myself and having three jobs, going to school, living in a two bedroom apartment (that was gated)… needing no one for anything… And I knew that if a man wanted me he had to have money… Then I left God and found myself homeless and abused…. like Gomer… I remember the times where I lost my mind because of the abusive relationships I endured … knowing that God had a Hosea for me. It takes rock bottom… it took going to the valley for me to see that I would rather have God than what the world has to offer … it took me to be left with nothing to be healed.

It Makes Me Sad

When I look at young girls who think prostitution and stripping is the way to go… that being a vixen or some Instagram model is the way to go …. because I know the truth .. smh

I anxiously await my Hosea…

And I really pray that women wake up and see that stripping…. prostitution… and dating gang members is not the way to go.

Diamond ,

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Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a ordained prophetess and certified motivational speaker. She is the author of The Holy Bible : The Jesus Is LORD Translation which debuted as the #1 New release on Amazon. She is also a author of best selling books on Amazon. Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who honorably served her country, but left to pursue the will of God. She loves Jesus and is moving forward in her life "to do the work of a evangelist." Proverbs 9:10 The Voice (VOICE) 10 Reverence for the Eternal, the one True God, is the beginning of wisdom; true knowledge of the Holy One is the start of understanding. For Booking and Contact: authorapostlesandrea@gmail.com

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