Should Christian Girls Be Getting Surgery On Their Bodies.

While I Was Driving Today To Church God Dropped This In My Spirit

The answer is no. As I was watching a video on YouTube a video came up of a old ancient practice of foot binding. During a certain time period, women believed they had to have a certain size foot to be beautiful. Because of this women began to tie their feet (which led to broken bones and it being banned permanently) to be beautiful… In this belief they believe if they didnt they would not be married.

Does History Repeat Itself ?

History is repeating itself. If you listen to these women stories , they tell their experiences of how they can barely walk, their broken feet, and the many tears they have shed because of these procedures..

How Far Will You Go For Beauty

The Bible tells us we are allowed to wear wigs and cosmetics (Esther 2 MSG) … You are completely and utterly allowed to be beautiful… But you can’t make this your idol. How far will you go for beauty ?

Any leader that tells you no to a surgery that enhances your buttocks (Brazillian Butt Lift) but yes to botox is a hypocrite and liar. Not only that they need to repent.. Because all of it is bad. I will never have surgery on my body to enhance it.. God gave me what He gave me .. Yasss Jesus and I thank YOU 😊👏

A Waste Of Time

Sadly, you have people like Queen Naija who sold their soul and betrayed God with the influence they have.. So girls really believe that this is the way but it’s not. Instead of doing this disgusting surgery why dont you pay your tithes instead… why dont you give your resources to GOD ! WHY dont you invest for your future so GOD can deliver you from poverty. Why don’t you buy an education ?

Let’s Get Some Wisdom … and some Discernmemt.

  1. God ain’t telling you to get botox for your husband
  2. Do you know that you can die during botox , breast lifts, and other things ?
  3. Use discernment and start blocking these people who promote this ..
  4. As Christians… can we just grow up?

Jesus is coming period point blank.. So invest your time in getting wisdom from HIM and avoiding unnecessary surgeries that can kill you before your time.

P.s. Say no to fantasy chasers !

Loved Mixed With Faith ❤,


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