God Told Ya’ll NOT To Let A Woman Rule Over A Man

God Told Ya’ll NOT To Let A Woman Rule Over A Man

Women should be silent during the church meetings. It is not proper for them to speak. They should be submissive, just as the law says. – 1 Corinthians 14:34

There is one politician that I really do hate and this is why…

One, I am not a feminist. Two if you are in the federal government and read this and come to my house or my church I will kill you. If you pursue my child I will kill you. Remember that I am trained to. Remember that. 

Look here I have to do what God says and prophecy because we are coming to a day where men will have to knock some females straight out. I am not saying all men will beat their wives but some men have to knock these females out and this is why. 

  • Women are beginning to throw their own urine and sanitary napkins on men in protest and threatening to call the police on them if they do anything back.. This calls for a man to knock her out.. Like knocked out cold. Like that nasty dog could have Hepatitis C or something and she throwing piss she needs to be beat. I would help my man beat her up because that is some nasty mess. I would stand by my man when he does it to. 
  • Two I was watching a video of this politician that I HATE because one she slept her way to the top to destroy men and I can’t stand her. Females like her are the reason I keep fighting. I just had to check two females the other day for trying me cause she must have forgotten something. But anyways… this dog that I hate is named Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and boy do I hate her. She stated that in her opinion if a man thinks any differently than her then there needs to be federal regulations against him… whore what? Now I know this whore did not just say that if a man THINKS differently than her the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has to get involved ? Nah see women like her be the reason I have to go to court now for fighting and getting in trouble. Those type of women be the ones saying that if a man looks at them or something than that’s rape. 
  • It is the simple fact that she sat there with another blue eye’d woman and said if a man thinks differently then there has to be a federal regulation that promotes violence and crime… and TWITTER agrees with her?? Now twitter banned me and said I was a terrorist for being a Christian Marine Veteran (I mean you already know I will kill you if I have to especially to protect my offspring). 
  • Ya’ll let this in and now the men have to deal with this ! These women are lesbian’s fighting against men and trying to have men arrested to show they have power over them. What is crazy is that they sleep with men and women in the government to target masculine and strong MEN ! 
  • Look, it is coming to the day where men will have to overthrow the government because baby… ain’t NOBODY going to emasculate my baby daddy. That is NOT going to happen. These females have lost their everlasting mind. Now domestic violence is wrong… but some of these females have to get knocked out and those two dogs are one of them. Now if the FBI have a problem with what I said about her let me know we can shoot it out. LOL ! 

P.S. I legally changed my name to Esther Glory Susanna Manasseh 

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Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a ordained prophetess and certified motivational speaker. She is the author of The Holy Bible : The Jesus Is LORD Translation which debuted as the #1 New release on Amazon. She is also a author of best selling books on Amazon. Apostle Glory S. Manasseh is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who honorably served her country, but left to pursue the will of God. She loves Jesus and is moving forward in her life "to do the work of a evangelist." Proverbs 9:10 The Voice (VOICE) 10 Reverence for the Eternal, the one True God, is the beginning of wisdom; true knowledge of the Holy One is the start of understanding. For Booking and Contact: authorapostlesandrea@gmail.com

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